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And Away Go Troubles Down the Drain

Upgrade Your Kitchen for the Holidays With a New Faucet

Kitchen's new faucet
Increase the function and style of your kitchen before the holidays with an installation of a brand new sink faucet. Choose from a dizzying array of faucet styles to transform your sink into both a true work center and an aesthetic statement. Here are some design guidelines to start you on your search for the best new kitchen faucet.

Measure the Sink

Kitchen faucets are mostly interchangeable with kitchen sinks, but you shouldn't guess about the compatibility of sinks and faucets. Ask your plumber for help choosing the right size and type of faucet for a new or old sink.

Factors to consider include:
  • Number of sink-hole cutouts
  • Space behind sink
  • Length from sink to plumbing pipe
  • Fasteners used to attach faucet base
Some trench or basin-style sinks have hidden or no cut-outs for the deck-mounted faucets. The faucet handles and spout are mounted on the counter over the sink's rear edge. Porcelain and stainless-steel sinks may have the faucet mounted on the raised back of the sink, which is also called a wall-mounted faucet.

If you aren't sure which size or type of kitchen faucet will fit your new or old sink, consult with your plumbing service. They can show you examples of faucets that work with your sink. Your plumber can also give you the exact faucet dimensions you need to source the faucet you want on your own.

Imagine the Possibilities

Have you always wanted one of those awesome extending dish sprayers you've seen on the cooking shows? Homeowners are now installing their own commercial kitchen faucets complete with sprayer wands that hose down everything from puppies to veggie bins to garden harvests.

The following are some of the other types of kitchen faucets on the market:
  • Gooseneck or high-arch
  • Space conserving single-hole faucets
  • Pitcher-style
  • Waterfall
  • Hands-free or sensor
  • Bridge
  • Pot fillers
Hands-free faucets are great additions to the kitchen when you handle a lot of poultry and other raw foods. Your kitchen stays more sanitary. People with disabilities or mobility issues also benefit from the easy on/off function of a hands-free kitchen faucet.

Pot fillers are great kitchen tools for people who preserve foods, cook pasta, or make a lot of chili. A pot filler is mounted near the stove and has segmented arms to bring water right over the stove-top container you're filling.

A bridge faucet with a raised, arcing spout makes it easy to fill tall pots in the sink. Bridge faucets include a connecting mount between the two faucet handles to provide stability and a refreshing look to the kitchen sink.

Know Your Options and Pricing

Chrome has lots of company as a finish on kitchen faucets. Although chrome and stainless-steel still dominate the kitchen-faucet lines, new faucets are being made in shades including brushed nickel and copper.

The following additional colors are available for your kitchen faucet finish:
  • White
  • Black
  • Brass
  • Iron
  • Bronze
Any of these hues may be adorned by antiquing, burnishing, or polishing the surfaces of the faucets. Whether you want an ornate castle vibe or a cool industrial look to your sink, there's a faucet finish that makes it happen.

Prices for quality new sink faucets range between $70 for a basic faucet and $1,200 for a deluxe faucet. There are many handsome faucet options in between those price extremes.

Schedule a kitchen faucet replacement for a time when you can shut off the household water supply. Clean out the area under the sink to provide access to the hardware, supply pipes, and drain pipes below the faucet.

Hire a licensed plumber to install your new faucets, especially if you're putting a specialized sprayer or faucet in your kitchen. A plumber has the tools and expertise to perform the job quickly, so your household isn't without water for a long period.

Replace your kitchen faucet in Battle Creek before the holidays by contacting Roto-Rooter Plumbers today. Our plumbers provide clean, fast, expert faucet and sink services to residents throughout Southwest Michigan.