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And Away Go Troubles Down the Drain

Septic Service and Repair in Battle Creek, Michigan

Keeping Your Septic Tank Operating Smoothly

No one wants the drains in their home or business to back up from blockages in their septic tank or other septic tank problems. That’s why the skilled plumbers at Roto-Rooter are available to perform the routine maintenance and repairs your septic tank needs to prevent overflows and other emergency situations.
Septic Service and Repair

Routine Maintenance and Repair Services

Whether your septic system is for your home, restaurant, housing complex or other property, our technicians will examine your septic system and help you determine how often pumping and maintenance should occur.

For each routine service, our trained staff will pump out your system, inspect it for leaks and cracks, check for signs of potential backup and remove sludge. We will also test the pumps, float the controls and other mechanical features of your tank and make necessary repairs to ensure your septic system continues functioning smoothly so you can live worry-free.

Maintaining Drain Fields

Along with our general maintenance and repair services, our technicians work on and replace damaged drain field and leach field pipes. We do the work you need to keep your entire septic system functioning well.

Always Available for Your Septic Needs

For both your routine maintenance and for emergency septic needs, our dedicated staff is available to meet all of your septic tank and plumbing needs. Call us today to get repairs or other septic tank assistance for your commercial or residential property.