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And Away Go Troubles Down the Drain

Sump Pump Services in Battle Creek, Michigan

Your Defense Against Water Damage and Basement Flooding

When it rains for days at a time or a pipe bursts in your basement, it can be difficult to remove the excess water quickly and avoid irreparable damage to your home or commercial property. A sump pump makes removing excess water easy, helping you prevent damage and protect your home or property from basement flooding, crawl space flooding and water damage.
A properly functioning pump will allow you to sleep peacefully, knowing your home or business will stay dry regardless of the weather.
Sump Pump Services

Residential Sump Pumps

Installing Your Pump

While many new homes are built with sump pumps installed, there are numerous older homes that don’t have sump pumps, leaving them vulnerable to damage. Our adept technicians are well-practiced in installing sump pumps in a variety of houses. We have the experience you can rely on to properly install your pump and prepare your home for any catastrophe.

Pump Maintenance and Repair

To keep your pump functioning properly, it needs regular maintenance. Our staff has the skills and tools to perform the cleaning and other necessary tasks. They will work with you to prolong the life of your sump pump and give you peace of mind.
If you notice your pump isn’t working, there’s a musty, mildew smell or the float switch is stuck, your sump pump may need repairs. We have the equipment and know-how you can depend on to repair your pump, allowing you to relax.

Commercial Sump Pumps

Like your home’s sump pump, commercial pumps protect your business or industrial property from costly damage, allowing you to go home without worrying about your business. Our commercial pump services include routine maintenance, repairs and inspections that are customized for your building. Our technicians can also install a backup pump, giving you the safeguard you need during a storm if your first pump breaks down.

Keep Your Home Dry

Call us today for sump pump maintenance, repair and installation services. Our staff will help you protect your home or office from water damage and flooding.